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Spy Technology

Using current technologies during investigations has proved to be extremely useful and has allowed us to become much more efficient in our work. At Effective Investigations, we have a range of spy technologies that are available to us such as; tie-pin cameras, GPS tracking and audio, telephone and computer surveillance.

Spy Technology

Although technology is vital to most cases, some uses of technology will not stand up in court, however, our team of experts will be able to advise on which equipment is necessary and which will be admissible in court. With some technologies unable to provide evidence in court, this does not mean they aren’t worth implementing into the case. Use of spy technology can create potential leads and help build and investigation.

Combining the use of the technologies with over 30 years of experience in the investigatory field means our investigators can get finer results and close cases quicker. Whether you want security at home or you’re a large organisation wanting to identify benefit fraud, our spy technologies can help.

As well as using technologies during cases, we also offer the option to hire some of these out you. You can also purchase these directly from us. For more information call us now on 0800 206 2338.