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Matrimonial Investigations

The most frequent of all enquiries for private investigators usually lays with the question “is my partner cheating on me?” Fortunately, we have the experience and expertise to help find that all important answer.

Matrimonial investigations

This type of investigation is often very stressful and emotional for our clients, but we are here to help and can offer confidential advice and support from our highly trained specialists. We understand that bringing that sense of closure to the client is important for them to be able to begin picking themselves up and moving forwards in their lives. At Effective Investigations we aim to bring that to you and you’ll be pleased to hear that most often we find that your doubts aren’t true – although not in every case.

Whether you have that gut instinct that something isn’t right or are noticing clear changes in your partner’s behavior, we are here to work professionally and discreetly with a uniquely built strategy for the individual case.

Our investigators, who carry over 30 years’ experience in their back pockets, will look at numerous factors regarding the individual such as; behavioral changes, daily routine changes and persona l grooming. We will also investigate the usage of modern communication, for example, the use of online social networking and mobile phone to determine any unjust doings.

Common give-away’s  we come across are things like; excuses of working late, spending more time on hobbies away from the home, more attention and care to how the individual looks or even un needed anger towards you can be positive signs of cheating.

So if you have that gut feeling of uncertainty and want complete closure, call us today on 0800 206 2338.