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Legal & Litigation Services

With endless growing business disputes, it has become more and more important for councils, government bodies and law firms amongst others, to turn to our legal and litigation support service.

Legal and Litigation Support

Our legal and litigation support service allows you to outsource important investigation tasks for cases, leaving you with more time and money to focus on other areas of dispute. We are able to conduct background checks on all relevant people to your case such as witnesses and defendants, all to help paint a clear picture to help understand your case in further detail. Our extensive database links and wide network of contacts means we can profile not only individuals, but entire organisations as well as conducting sophisticated forensic audits to uncover what you need.

Our highly experienced investigators will work alongside you and support your case as requested and work to protect your clients. We work very efficiently and deliver to the time scale you are working at. We can also give testament to our found evidence at the court or tribunal if needed.

For more information or to discuss your case with one of our experts, call us now on 0800 206 2338.