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Hiring a Private Investigator

For some people hiring a private investigator is part of their everyday life and they are completely reliant on this service. For others, the idea of hiring a PI is simply daunting and something that wouldn’t be considered unless the situation was extremely serious such as a missing person. A lot of people are able...
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Are they cheating or is it just me?

Suspecting your partner is cheating is an extremely stressful time for anybody. The emotional rollercoaster that you’re riding along with the doubt, the uncertainty and the feeling that there’s much worse to come – we understand what you’re going through. There are questions revolve around your mind such as ‘are they cheating or is it...
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Using Technology to get answers quicker?

Some people don’t like the idea of change, but as we see it, change is a good thing and change helps us move forwards. Advancements in technologies mean we can streamline our approaches to cases and ultimately resolve cases quicker and much more effectively. Not only that, our findings during the case can be recorded and delivered in more...
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